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Should I pay attention to something with my first order?

If you are to order from us for the first time, we recommend that you test our services with a small amount for yourself in order to convince yourself of the quality and to see whether the respective service is something for you. If you are satisfied like many other customers, you are welcome to order larger quantities of the same service.



How does the distribution of likes and comments work across multiple posts?

Likes or comments can only be split for services for which this is explicitly indicated on the product page - in the form of a menu field in which you can enter the number of split. When dividing up, you have to consider the minimum quantities . With Instagram Likes, only 100 likes can be divided per picture, with Tik Tok hearts it is 50 per video. Unless otherwise stated on the product page, comments can be divided into steps of 10.


Examples: You order 1,000 Instagram Likes: these can be divided into a maximum of 10 posts. 500 Instagram Likes can be divided into a maximum of 5 posts. 300 Tik Tok hearts on a maximum of 6 videos. 20 comments can be divided into a maximum of 2 posts.


Should you have a higher distribution than the minimum amount is possible, we will distribute the likes and comments according to the minimum amount. For example, if you order 1,000 Instagram Likes and give 15 posts to split, we will put the likes on your 10 most recent posts.


When splitting, we will always convey the services to the latest posts on your social media profile. If you would like to have likes or comments split between certain posts, send us their URLs when you order (in the menu field "Insert URL here").



What is a URL and which URL should I enter?

Simply put, the URL is the internet address of your profile, picture, video or channel for which you want to order a service. Each contribution has its own unique internet address. In order for us to convey the services to the correct contribution, we need this unique internet address.










Just copy the URL from the address bar of your browser. Our recommendation is to test the URL in a new window of your browser before each purchase. If the desired post appears there, then the URL is correct. Now you can place your order with us with good certainty.


If you specify several URLs when ordering or if you would like our service for a certain contribution without giving us further details or just your account name, we will distribute the service (s) at our own discretion. As a rule, we then distribute it evenly to the specified URLs or provide the service for your latest posts.

Please always check that your URLs and order details are complete.



Do you need my login details to arrange social media services?

No! We do not need any login details and would never ask for them! We only need the URL to the desired content to which we are to convey the services.



Does my profile have to be public?

Yes! No services can be arranged for private profiles. To be on the safe side, you should check before each order whether your profile is still set to "public". Your profile must be public until the order is fully processed. You should n't change the name of your social media account either before or during the order processing ! Otherwise your order cannot be fully processed.



Is it a problem if I have advertised on my YouTube videos?

Your profile is 100% secure! However, we recommend that you deactivate paid advertising until the order is completed, as your advertising account (e.g. from Google AdSense) could possibly be blocked. There is no risk to your videos.



How long does it take after an order to get the ordered services?

We check every order manually. As a rule, the mediation of social media services starts within 24 to 72 hours after your order. Depending on the size of the order, it can take up to ten days in individual cases.

We understand that you want to receive your services as soon as possible. But to provide you with high-quality services from real profiles, we need some time. You are welcome to write an email to info@likesandmore.de if you have any questions about your order.



What happens if my order doesn't arrive?

If you still haven't received a delivery ten days after the selected delivery time, you can of course request that your payment be transferred back. You don't need a form for this, just write us an email to info@likesandmore.de and we will refund your money.



What payment options are there?

For mutual security, we only accept payments via PayPal. Unfortunately, payments by credit card or SOFORT transfer are not possible.



Is it possible to get the full number of the ordered service at once?

We cannot guarantee this, but if this is possible, we will be happy to comply with your request. Simply send us a request in this regard to info@likesandmore.de . Alternatively, you can choose several smaller packages.


Will the mediated services remain permanent?

Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that users log out of social media, unfollow your profile or dislike your post after a while. For most of our services, we offer a voluntary 30-day guarantee, in which we provide the lost number of fans or reactions. Whether the voluntary guarantee applies to a service and for how long can be found in the benefits in the respective product description. Further details on this "subsequent delivery guarantee" can be found in our general terms and conditions .


Notes on the subsequent delivery guarantee: If you have ordered a service that offers a 30-day subsequent delivery guarantee, the "replenishment service" for Instagram followers is automatic for 5 days and then upon request, for other services only upon request to info@likesandmore.de . As a rule, the "top-up service" cannot be canceled for the first five days. This is only possible in exceptional cases and can take several days. Even after this, a cancellation of the subsequent delivery / replenishment service cannot be guaranteed.


In addition, the replenishment service only works if your profile is set to public during the entire 30-day subsequent delivery guarantee and you do not change your profile name during this time.



Do ordered followers also interact with my posts?

Usually the followers don't interact with your posts unless it's explicitly stated in the service description. Sometimes it can happen that one of the followers is interested in your profile, rummages in it and calls up several posts, likes or even comments. We cannot guarantee that.


If you would like to have more views, likes, comments or followers for your posts, we can also convey them to you. Just take a look at our numerous social media marketing services! You are sure to find a suitable offer for you.



Is it legal to buy our services?

There is currently no "direct" law prohibiting the purchase of our services. For companies, there have been various rulings by regional courts on competition law in recent years, you can find more about this in our FAQ under court rulings .


Seen in this light, buying the services we offer for companies is a gray area until a clear legal decision is pending. So it's not illegal, but neither is it 100% legal yet. However, so far none of our customers have had profile blocks, warnings or other problems through the purchase. Your profile is 100% secure.


The packages don't suit me. Are there also individual solutions?

For individual offers, you can send us an email request to info@likesandmore.de .



Does LikesAndMore belong to one of the social networks?

NO! We expressly point out that we do not represent any of the social networks that are the subject of our service.




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