Questions about buying a service



Does my profile have to be public?


Yes! Followers cannot be provided for private profiles. It is best to check before placing your order that your profile is (still) set to "public". Your profile must be public until the order is fully processed. You shouldn't change the name of your social media account either before or during the order processing! Otherwise your order cannot be fully processed.



Do you need my login data to arrange your services?


No! We do not need any login details and would never ask for them! We only need the URL to the desired profile to which we are to convey the followers.



Can other users see that my fans, likes, etc. have been bought?


No. Usually it is not possible for other social media users to see whether you have bought your followers, likes, views and comments.


The social networks provide you with statistics in which you can see details such as country, gender or possibly age. Even in these statistics, there will be no indication that your fans, likes, etc. come from a purchased service. However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that an exact analysis will reveal any abnormalities.


Only the comments and profiles of the mediated fans are actually publicly visible to other users. The latter do not indicate that they are following you because of an order. Also in the comments there will never be any advertising from us or a reference to a purchase.



When ordering, I have to provide a URL !? What is a URL and which one do you need?


Put simply, a URL is the Internet address of your social media profile . Each profile has its own unique internet address. So that we can convey the services to the right profile, we need this unmistakable Internet address. You can simply copy the URL from your browser's address bar.







We recommend testing the URL in a new window of your browser before ordering. If your profile or the post you want opens there, then the URL is correct. This is how you make sure that your order arrives correctly.


If you specify several URLs when ordering or if you would like our service for a specific contribution without giving us further details or just your account name, we will distribute the service (s) at our own discretion. As a rule, we then distribute it evenly to the specified URLs or provide the service for your latest posts.

Please always check that your URLs and order details are complete.



Is it a problem if I have advertised on my YouTube videos?


Your profile is 100% secure! However, we recommend that you deactivate paid advertising until the order is completed, as your advertising account (e.g. from Google AdSense) could possibly be blocked. There is no risk to your videos.




Questions about order processing

If you can't find the answer to your question here, take a look at our ordering guide . There you will find detailed information on order processing. Here we answer the following more general questions:


How long will it take for my order to arrive?


We check every order manually. Usually the placement takes place within 24 to 72 hours after your order. How long it takes for a service to be mediated depends on the one hand on how much you have ordered in what quality and how many customers have already ordered before you. In individual cases it can therefore take up to ten days.

We understand that you can't wait to get the services you have ordered as soon as possible. But to get you high quality and active subscribers, we need some time. If you have any questions about your order, please send us an email to info@likesandmore.de .



What if my order doesn't arrive? Is there a money back guarantee?


If there is no mediation ten days after the agreed delivery time, you will of course get your money back. You don't have to fill out a form. Just write us an email to info@likesandmore.de and we will refund your money.



What payment options do I have? Can I pay by PayPal?


For sure you can use PayPal or pay by credit card too.



How can I see if the order has been placed? Is there proof?


In every social network there are "counters" on your profile page or on your individual posts that show you how many followers / subscribers, views, likes and comments you have. This will tell you whether your order quantity has arrived.


As proof, we will take a screenshot of the relevant page before and after the placement has taken place so that you can see that your order has been successfully executed. However, we will only send this proof on request by email to info@likesandmore.de .


Don't worry, we won't publish the screenshots and we won't send them to anyone but you. It is therefore important that you contact us using the same email address that you gave when you placed your order.



Can I cancel the order?


As long as the service has not started, you can cancel your order. After the start of the service, you can no longer cancel your order, as it is a delivery of digital content that is not on a physical data carrier and cannot be canceled. You can find more about this on the right of withdrawal page .


If you are to order from us for the first time, we therefore recommend that you test our services with a small amount for yourself.


Should you wish to terminate the service prematurely, please contact us. We will then check to what extent that is still possible - the placement of smaller quantities is usually quick - and whether we can grant you a partial refund. After all, are always ready to talk to you and always try to find a fair solution.



Is my order a subscription (subscription)?


No. Each order is a single order for which a one-time payment is due.




Questions about LikesAndMore and our services


Is there any content that is excluded from your service?


Yes, in our general terms and conditions (GTC) we have excluded the brokerage of our services for the following content / websites:

  • Everything that violates the law, illegal

  • Violent or repulsive content

  • Any form of extremism, especially fascism and racism

  • Pornographic content and other content that is subject to the age restriction FSK 18

  • political content, political parties, political events

  • Financial products of the so-called gray capital market that are not regulated by the state (including cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, direct investments in projects or companies, etc.)

  • Gambling, betting

  • "Pyramid schemes", Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Network Marketing

  • Sweepstakes, online voting, competitions


The mediation of our services for religious content takes place only after examination and consultation by / with us. We expressly reserve the right to refuse to provide services for other content not mentioned here.



Is there a guarantee? If so, how long?


For many of our services we give a voluntary 30-day "subsequent delivery guarantee". On the individual product pages you can see whether there is a longer guarantee for the respective service. You can also find details on the "subsequent delivery guarantee" in our general terms and conditions .



Is it legal to buy followers, likes, comments, views, etc.?


As of 2018, there is currently no "direct" law that prohibits the purchase of followers or reactions (likes, views, comments, live chat messages, etc.). This means that there is no paragraph in a law in Germany that explicitly states "that buying fans [...] is prohibited in social networks".


Since buying fans and reactions from private individuals does not harm anyone, it should be legal for private individuals to purchase these services.


For courts, the question arises in disputes whether the purchase by companies of followers and reactions violates competition law. The regional courts of Hamburg and Stuttgart came to different judgments:


  1. Judgment of January 10, 2013, Az. 327 O 438/11 LG Hamburg:

The Hamburg Regional Court dealt with the question of whether page likes in connection with a competition on Facebook violated competition law. It decided that a click on the "Like" button cannot be equated with a positive rating of a company and is therefore not a competitive advantage. Liking a Facebook page is only a non-binding expression of favor and therefore not a misnomer.


  1. Judgment of August 6, 2014, Az. 37 O 34/14 KfH LG Stuttgart:

The Stuttgart Regional Court ruled that a company is not allowed to advertise on Facebook with purchased “fans / likes” or “likes”. The court saw this as misleading advertising, as the high number of likes implies a special ability to deal with customers, extensive networking and high awareness, although this is actually not the case, at least to this extent. An objection was lodged against this decision.


So far there is no clear judgment. As long as a clear legal decision is pending, buying followers and reactions is a gray area for companies, neither illegal nor legal with 100% certainty .


By buying Instagram fans and reactions, none of our customers has demonstrably had problems, profile blocks or warnings.



I can't find the right one for me on your website. Are there also individual solutions?


For individual offers, you can send us an email request to info@likesandmore.de .



Does LikesAndMore belong to a social network?


NO! We expressly point out that we do not represent any of the social networks that are the subject of our services and that we are not an affiliate of these social networks .




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