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Country targeted Instagram Likes (7 countries of origin selectable)


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  • LikesAndMore offers you these advantages

    • Fast start in usually 0 - 4 hours!
    • Organic delivery process!
    • Likes from real and active users in premium quality!
    • Safety: 100% money-back guarantee!
    • Discretion: no login data required!
    • Likes are permanent!
    • Extend the reach of your posts!
    • Increases the relevance and ranking of your profile!
    • Orgin of the users who like can be selected.
    • 100% safe for your Instagram account!
    • Easy order processing!
    • Fast free 24/7 customer service!



    Notes on the service

    • Your Instagram profile must be set to " public ", otherwise a placement is not possible.


    • The likes can be split over several already published posts (of an account) . The minimum amount for the division is 100 likes per post . Examples: 100 likes cannot be split, but only given to one post. 200 likes can be divided into 2 posts with 100 each. 500 likes á 125 likes on 4 posts. Splitting 500 likes over 10 posts is not possible, as there would be 50 likes per post and this is less than the minimum order quantity of 100.


    • When you buy Instagram Likes , the latest posts are always liked . For example, if you buy Instagram likes for three posts, we will deliver them to your three most recent posts. If you only enter your profile link when ordering, we will always deliver the likes completely to the latest post in the profile, if you have not specified a split request.


    • We deliver quickly: Once the placement of likes has started, you will receive the desired number of likes in quick succession and completelyl on the day the placement begins. If, on the other hand, you want to automatically receive likes for your next 30 posts, then you should buy our Instagram auto-likes !


    • For a high-quality and realistic user mix, the users who like your posts are of all ages and of both genders (male and female).


    • You can express special requests in the shopping cart under "Add note".
  • Buy country targetedInstagram Likes

    Although Instagram is international and Instagram likes from international users is a brilliant thing for many, it might be better for you if you buy country targeted likes. For example, if you have a German-profile with posts in German language, it makes little sense to order international likes. In this case you can buy German Likes exclusively at LikesAndMore.


    But even if you want likes from another specific country for statistical reasons and you want to expand your success in a certain country - our targeted Instagram Likes - are precise the right one for you!


    The unbeatable advantage of buying country targeted likes is that your reach can be increased locally . Instagram not only uses the likes to measure how popular your post is, but in which region of the world your posts are particularly well received. As a result, you can significantly increase your chance that your posts will be suggested by Instagram in the countries from which your likes come.


    Buying country targeted or German Likes offers you the opportunity to increase your reach in a targeted manner and to receive Instagram Likes from users who match your profile according to their origin.

    Try it out now and don't hesitate to buy country targeted Instagram likes.

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