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  • LikesAndMore offers you these advantages

    • Fast start in usually 0 - 24 hours!
    • Oraganic order processing (approx. 500 to 1000 international followers per day. Sometimes even faster)!
    • Real Instagram followers in premium quality!
    • Best quality on the market!
    • 30 days refill guarantee!
    • Extend the reach of your posts!
    • Increases the relevance and ranking of your profile!
    • You can choose the nationality of your Instagram followers!
    • 100% safe for your Instagram account!
    • Easy order processing!
    • Safety: 100% money-back guarantee!
    • Discretion: no login data required!
    • Fast free 24/7 customer service!



    Notes on the service


    • Your Instagram profile must be set to " public " and must not be renamed during the referral, otherwise we can't process your order. The refill service only works for public profiles.


    • Fast start : Once the delivery of the followers has started, you will get the desired number of followers at organic speed, gradually mediated. If, on the other hand, you want to receive a certain amount of followers every day for a certain period of time, then you should buy our Daily Instagram Followers !


    • You determine the origin of your followers! International means that you get premium followers of the highest quality, which can come from all continents worldwide. For a realistic overall picture , the German Premium Followers come from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and are organically mediated (approx. 10 - 50 followers per day).


    • We prefer to convey the highest quality than junk! In order to provide you with only the highest quality followers, up to 90% of the international followers can come from one country region or from one country in individual cases.


    • For a high-quality and realistic follower mix , the premium followers are of all ages and of both genders (male and female). At LikesAndMore you can also buy male or female Instagram followers .


    • The ordered followers can only be added to one Instagram account . They cannot be distributed across multiple accounts.


    • You can express special requests in the shopping cart under "Add note".
  • This is why it is worth buying Instagram followers

    You have already put a lot of time and work into your Instagram profile, post the most beautiful pictures and still hardly anyone follows you? Wondering how others have managed it to get so many followers? Quite simply, many users use a little-known marketing strategy: buying Instagram followers! Shocked? Well, this is a perfectly normal marketing strategy these days.

    Basically, it's like using make-up: By buying Instagram followers, you prettify your profile and become more interesting for others. Because once you have a solid base of followers, your Instagram profile is much more attractive to other users . We all follow the so-called herd instinct. We feel safer in a group. Profiles with many Instagram followers are therefore more attractive.

    It's like a restaurant: if we have the choice between a well-attended restaurant or one that is deserted, we often choose the better-attended restaurant. After all, there must be a reason why everyone eats there and none in the other ?! It's the same on Instagram. Just as a well-attended restaurant attracts you, so do Instagram profiles that attract you.


    The human herd instinct means that users associate a high number of followers with high popularity. This is often subconsciously equated with trending, coolness and the feeling of wanting to belong. The result: people want to follow you . With LikesAndMore and the marketing method "Buying Instagram Followers" you can activate this herd instinct .

    It is important not to rest on buying Instagram followers, but to continue to be active on Instagram . Active means on the one hand to continue to publish outstanding contributions that inspire people. In addition to buying Instagram followers, interaction with your own fans is also very important. Reply to their comments and respond to questions and requests. Instagram stories and Instagram videos are particularly suitable for this. In addition to new followers, you may also be rewarded with many Instagram likes .


    Try it out now : Buy (targeted) Instagram Followers for yourself and push your Instagram profile!

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